Beautiful Dream Beach Houses

Beach homeMany people dream of having a beach house in a beautiful place, a tropical paradise that soothes the soul and calms the spirit.
The reason many of us take our holidays by the seaside is because we appreciate the relaxing benefits of the ocean, sun and nature.
Living at the beach does have actual health benefits!
Dr Natasha Bijlani, a psychiatrist from London’s Priory’s Roehampton Hospital said: “Sea air is good for sleep because it’s generally cleaner and fresher, with higher levels of oxygen, which can improve sleep.” In fact, negative ions in sea air accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen, and also help balance your serotonin levels, one of the body’s happiness hormones.
As well as improving sleep, recent scientific research shows that coastal living can also help in warding off depression and anxiety.
Now let’s look at the following inspiring beach houses (some AI generated):Beach houseYou can feel the attraction just imagining a life like this …Beach houseBeach houseMore pictures on the next page:

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