Beautiful Ocean Villa With Pool

Ayada MaldivesHave you ever dreamed about going on a special vacation, a vacation for the soul? If the beach is what you like most, there are several great options available.
Located on a beautiful private island with pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery, Ayada Maldives offers a truly luxurious retreat with a genuine Maldivian style.
This charming over-water villa provide for idyllic contemplation while lounging on the ocean hammocks with the gentle lapping of the waves to soothe you. Available for vacation rentals, see link below.
These spacious villas offer a private outdoor terrace, ocean hammocks, plunge pool, an uninterrupted view of the horizon and direct lagoon access.
Ayada MaldivesOne bedroom, large terrace with private pool and hammock.Ayada Maldives

Ayada MaldivesTo see more and book your stay, see here at Ayada Maldives.

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