Listening To Music Alters Your Genes For The Better, Says New Study

Listening to music is healthyScientists have known for a while that listening to music has many physical and mental benefits. It reduces blood pressure, causes the release of dopamine and even improves muscle function. While music affects our brains, scientists didn’t know what caused the changes until now.
Scientists at the University of Helsinki recently discovered that listening to classical music actually alters the function of your genes. Scientists took blood samples from study participants before and after listening to Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major, K.216. They found that the music directly affects human RNA, suggesting that listening to music has even more surprising benefits than previously thought.
In this study, published in PeerJ, 48 people participated and they were split into two groups: those who had musical experience and those who were inexperienced. What the researchers found in the experienced group was striking.

Good for you in every way: For the musically inclined group, the study uncovered huge genetic benefits after listening to classical music. Listening to music increased expression of the glucocorticoid receptor, which regulates stress, depression and even addictive behaviors. Not only that, listening to music also inhibits dopamine reuptake, meaning that the brain has more of the molecule that regulates the brain’s reward center.
“We cannot exclude the possibility of a similar effect in musically inexperienced participants,” the researchers noted. “Several factors such as age, gender, personal preferences of music genres, the familiarity of music compositions and duration of listening may affect the transcriptional responses.”

Whether or not classical music affects the less musically inclined equally, the reason to learn music just got more important. It is now that music really can change us in a good, healthy way.
At the very least, listen to music and have nice soothing mini-vacation for your soul 🙂

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