Top 12 Best Beaches In California

Malibu Beach
1. Malibu Beaches
With 21 miles of coastline, Malibu has beautiful beaches big and small that are perfect for exploring, lounging or both. There’s a lot to see between the beaches and nearby mountains so Malibu is a top destination for California beach goers.
Nicknamed “the ‘Bu” by surfers and locals, beaches along the Malibu coast include: Topanga Beach, Big Rock Beach, Las Flores Beach,[13] La Costa Beach,[14] Surfrider Beach, Dan Blocker Beach, Malibu Beach, Zuma Beach, Broad Beach, Point Dume Beach, and County Line.
Laguna beach
2. Laguna Beach
Here you can find charming cove beaches, generally a rare sight in Southern California. You can get cozy in one these cove beaches, including Thousand Steps Beach and Victoria Beach, then head to the larger Main Beach, which enjoys a great location right in the middle of town. Laguna Beach also boasts the most beachfront lodging options in all of California, making it an ideal spot for a beach getaway.
You can snorkel, scuba dive, body-surf, or hike the trails in nearby Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.
Pfeiffer Beach
3. Pfeiffer Beach
Pfeiffer Beach is a beautiful, unspoiled beach that’s popular with locals. This beach in Big Sur is also one of the most charming in all of California. Located about 10 miles southeast of Andrew Molera State Park, Pfeiffer Beach impresses with its stunning surrounding cliffs and collection of rock formations.
The purple sand is especially fun for making a sand castle. You can also swim, but there’s no lifeguard on duty.
Pismo Beach
4. Pismo Beach
is located on California’s famous central coast, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles along Pacific Coast and 101 Highways. here you can find long white beaches for taking a pleasant stroll or for just enjoying the spectacular views of the Pismo Beach sunset.
Golfing, riding the dunes in a four-wheel ATV, horseback riding, surfing, body boarding, or fishing can all be part of a Pismo Beach vacation.

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