Top 12 Best Beaches In Hawaii

Waikiki Beach
1. Waikiki Beach – Oahu
A visit to Hawaii would be incomplete without soaking up the sun at Waikiki Beach. Waikiki is home to international resorts, hotels, and restaurants, and many summer activities. A world famous destination indeed.
From Hawaiian royalty to Hawaii Regional Cuisine, Waikiki continues to be an evolving expression of the ancient spirit of aloha. On these famous shores, the past and the future are uniting in fresh and surprising ways.
Ka'anapali Beach, Hawaii
2. Ka’anapali Beach – Lahaina
Ka’anapali Beach runs from Black Rock to Canoe Beach, fronted by seven resorts, Whalers Village Mall, and many fine shops & restaurants. The beach itself is perfection. Long, wide and sandy, the water entry and swimming are glorious.
If a world-class resort destination with all the trappings is what you’re looking for, it really doesn’t get any better than this.
Ko Olina beach
3. Ko Olina Beach – Oahu
If you want to go to a beach that the locals frequent, then Ko Olina Beach is for you.
Located on the west side of Oahu in the city of Kapolei, the Ko Olina, comprised of 4 lagoons, has fabulous beaches for young children. Parents don’t need to worry about big waves, and the gentle waters are a great place for young snorkelers.
Napili beach
4. Napili Beach – Maui
White sloping sand, turquoise water, and excellent swimming are just a few reasons to make this beach a must-see on your next visit to West Maui.
The beach is perfect for swimming, sun tanning, and snorkeling. The outer reefs protect it from most swell directions, so you get gently lapping ripples and clear water.

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