Top 12 Best Beaches In The Caribbean

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
1. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach is a wonderful soft, white, coral sand beach more reminiscent of the South Pacific than the Caribbean.
Seven Mile Beach is known for its beauty, recently receiving the honor of “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.
Sugar Beach, St. Lucia
2. Sugar Beach, St. Lucia
Sugar Beach can only be described as a sun lover’s dream. Surrounded by 100 acres of lush rainforest, Sugar Beach in St. Lucia is also home to the luxurious Viceroy Resort, where you can stop by for lunch and enjoy a taste of the VIP treatment.
Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas
3. Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas
Sapphire Beach, located on St Thomas, Virgin Island’s east end, is the perfect place to spend enjoy a beach day. Sugary-white sand appeals to sun worshippers while the sea grapes provide excellent shade. From your seat in the sand, you’ll have a string of islands to examine.

South Friar’s Beach, St. Kitts
4. South Friar’s Beach, St. Kitts
South Friars beach is covered with soft and light yellow, almost white sand, quite comfortable for bare feet.
The water is clean, transparent, very warm. There are no waves. Not far from the shore there is a lot of algae, rays and flocks of tropical fish are floating, purple stars crawl on the bottom between the stones.

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